Chika Yoga ヨガクラス


newyogaposterHello it is Chika Ryoichi Shimizu wife.
Started the yoga will be 17 years. Before moving to the island, I went to bleeding – small classroom grandma we gather at a nearby community center of Tokyo of parents’ home was the encounter.
The teacher was fascinated but were women of 70 subrogation her posture, body, speech, gestures, can I take the old like this to human nature Do ~ a.
Then every morning every morning to come to the island, also met a wonderful teacher every day is the beginning of the yoga on their own, went stuck in the depth of yoga as directed.
Island of the week began said, “you want to do yoga,” one class to friends will be another 10 years. I think that going to expand a little class because child under went up to the elementary school.

Yoga has been said that there is a history of 5000 years in India originated.
It is teaching that leads to the body – breathing – mind – a way of life rather than just body work.
Is really 1 mm 1 mm little by little in the day-to-day stack encounter more your own way your mind and body, you have to experience yourself comfortably, go happily alive.
In addition, we believe also bring that peace of every one of the mind that brings yoga is peace and the earth of the world continues to be beautiful.
Also with people of visitors who visit the island We hope you go to share comfortably yoga in the island of wilderness.

2014, June Chika Shimizu